3-Year IT Plan

Executive Branch agencies, including OITS, are required to submit three-year strategic IT plans annually. These plans set forth the agencies’ current and future information technology needs and utilization plans for the next three ensuing fiscal years as required by KSA 75-7209 (c) and KSA 75-7210.

As the primary steward of executive branch IT needs and projects, the executive branch CITO will use this information to forecast and ensure appropriate infrastructure support and access to I services for all executive branch agencies.

This plan will evolve as the health of state organizations improve and long-term visioning becomes possible. The reality today is that the needs are great, and the resources are finite. Citizen demands and expectations of state agencies related to IT and digital access to services have increased significantly; however, resource availability has not been able to maintain the same pace.

Included in this document are:

  • Overarching Goals of Executive Branch IT Organizations
  • An assessment of the Executive Branch IT Landscape
  • Summaries of the challenges, goals, and upcoming projects for:
    • Cabinet Agencies
    • Non-Cabinet Agencies
    • Regent Institutions
  • Strategic Initiatives OITS will undertake to support agency plans
  • Individual agency 3-year plan submissions