Joint Committee on Information Technology

Executive Branch Information Technology leadership and agency staff regularly present information, strategies, project status updates, plans and budget information to the Joint Committee.

The Joint Committee on Information Technology (JCIT) exists within the legislative branch of state government and is composed of five members of the senate and five members of the house of representatives. (K.S.A. 46-2101)

JCIT studies the use of computers, telecommunications and other information technologies used by state agencies; reviews governmental computer hardware and software acquisitions, information storage, transmission, processing and telecommunications technologies; reviews implementation plans, including project budget estimates; reviews three-year strategic information technology plans; makes recommendations on implementation plans, budget estimates, and three-year IT plans to the ways and means committee of the senate and the committee on appropriations of the house of representatives;studies the progress and results of all newly implemented governmental computer hardware and software, information storage, transmission, processing and telecommunications technologies of state agencies and institutions including all information technology projects for state agencies which have been authorized or for which appropriations have been approved by the legislature. (K.S.A. 46-2102)

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JCIT Procedure Policies

Policy 1 - Review of proposed projects

Policy 2 - Review of active projects