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Information Technology Executive Council

The Information Technology Executive Council is responsible for adopting: information technology resource policies, procedures, and project management methodologies for all state agencies; an information technology architecture, including telecommunications systems, networks and equipment, that covers all state agencies; standards for data management for all state agencies; and a strategic information technology management plan for the state. It provides direction and coordination for the application of the state's information technology resources, and designates the ownership of information resource processes and the lead agency for implementation of new technologies and networks shared by multiple agencies in different branches of state government.

The composition of the 17-member committee is available here (K.S.A. 75-7202).


ITEC Members

  • Dr. DeAngela Burns-Wallace, Cabinet Agency Head #1
  • Dr. Lee Norman, Cabinet Agency Head #2
  • Erik Wisner, Non-Cabinet Agency Head #1
  • Alexandra Blasi, Non-Cabinet Agency Head #2
  • Dr. DeAngela Burns-Wallace, Executive Branch CITO
  • Alan Weis, Legislative Branch CITO
  • Kelly O’Brien, Judicial Branch CITO, Chairman
  • Steve Funk, Board of Regents IT Director
  • Mike Mayta, City Representative
  • Greg Gann, County Representative
  • Duncan Friend, INK
  • Judy Corzine, Private Sector Representative
  • David Marshall, KCJIS
  • Larry Alley, Senate Ways & Member #1
  • Tom Hawk, Senate Ways & Means Member #2
  • Emil Bergquist, House Govt Tech & Security Committee #1
  • Jeff Pittman House Govt Tech & Security Committee #2
  • Vacant, CITA (Non-voting) Board Secretary 



Within ITEC policies are the charters for a number of subcommittees that have been created to serve as additional work groups or subject matter experts in their designated fields. These groups can bring matters to ITEC for review and consideration or ITEC can assign tasks to the subcommittees. Existing Subcommittees include:

Also included is a subcommittee established by Executive Order:

One subcommittee was established in statute:


Meeting Minutes

Scheduled Meetings


ITEC Chairman

Alan Weis