ITEC Policy 2400 - Project Approval

1.0 TITLE: Project Approval

1.1 EFFECTIVE DATE: October 26, 2000

1.1.1 REVISED: October 28, 2004 

1.1.2 REVISED: July 15, 2010

1.2 TYPE OF ACTION: Update

2.0 PURPOSE: To establish a policy for the approval of projects that include the use of information systems or communications technology.

3.0 ORGANIZATIONS AFFECTED: All Branches, Boards, Commissions, Departments, Divisions, and Agencies of state government, hereafter referred to as entities.


4.1   K.S.A. 1998 Supp. 75-7203 authorizes the ITEC to: Adopt information resource policies and procedures and provide direction and coordination for the application of the state's information technology resources for all state entities.


5.1 Information technology project - means a project for a major computer, telecommunications or other information technology improvement with an estimated cumulative cost of $250,000 or more and has proposed expenditures for: (1) new or replacement equipment or software; (2) upgrade improvements to existing equipment and any computer systems, programs or software upgrades therefore; or (3) data or consulting or other professional services for such a project.

5.2 ITEC – Refers to the Information Technology Executive Council, duties defined in K.S.A. 1998 Supp. 75-7202, 75-7203.

5.3 CITO – Refers to the Executive, Legislative or Judicial Chief Information Technology Officer, with duties as defined in K. S. A. 1998 Supp. 75-7205, 751-7206, 75-7207.

5.4 JCIT – Refers to the Kansas Legislature's Joint Committee on Information Technology.


6.1 The branch CITO and entity head must review and approve, in writing, the IT Project Plan prior to starting a project. Approval to proceed on a project shall be granted after (a.) satisfactory completion of any previous phases and (b.) review and approval of all required documentation by the branch CITO and entity head.

6.2 All IT project plans with a cumulative cost of $250,000 or more must have branch CITO and entity head approval, in writing, prior to letting of specifications.

6.3 The branch CITO must review and approve, in writing, all specifications for competitive acquisitions in IT projects $250,000 or greater.

6.4 The branch CITO will notify the Director of the Division of Accounts and Reports and the Director of the Division of Purchases upon approval of all IT project plans.

6.5 Copies of the IT project plan will be made available to the other branch CITOs, the Division of Budget, the Legislative Research Department and the JCIT.

6.6 The IT Project Plan submitted for CITO approval will include all required documentation as outlined in ITEC Policy Guideline 2400A, which can be found on the ITEC Policies website.


7.1. A project approval must be obtained for each project with a total cost of $250,000 or more that has an information technology component. Information technology covers computer and communications systems and associated software, business and services systems software used internally or externally, office systems and network services, Internet/intranet based systems providing information, services, or electronic commerce services internal to state government or externally to other governments or the public.

7.2 All specifications for competitive acquisitions associated with an IT project plan will be submitted to the branch CITO for review and approval, which shall be obtained in writing prior to the specifications release.

7.3 The branch CITO will submit approved IT project plans to the Director of the Division of Accounts and Reports and the Director of the Division of Purchases upon approval.

7.4 Copies of the IT project plan will be made available to the other branch CITOs, the Division of Budget , Legislative Research and the JCIT.

7.5 Project approval requests will include the information content and conform to the formats as specified in ITEC Policy Guideline 2400A.


8.1 Heads of entities are responsible for establishing procedures for their organization's compliance with the requirements of this policy.

8.2 The Chief Information Technology Officer, Executive Branch, is responsible for the maintenance of this policy.

9.0 CANCELLATION: Previous versions