ITEC Policy 2500 - Project Status Reporting

1.0 TITLE: Project Status Reporting

1.1 EFFECTIVE DATE: April 24, 2003

1.1.1 REVISED: July 15, 2010

1.2 TYPE OF ACTION: Update

2.0 PURPOSE: To establish a policy for reporting the status of projects that include the use of information systems or communications technology.

3.0 ORGANIZATIONS AFFECTED: All Branches, Boards, Divisions, Departments, and Agencies, of state government, hereafter referred to as entities.


4.1 K.S.A. 1998 Supp. 75-7203 authorizes the ITEC to: Adopt information resource policies and procedures and provide direction and coordination for the application of the state's information technology resources for all state entities.

4.2 K.S.A 75-7211 directs the legislative chief information technology officer, under the direction of the Joint Committee on Information Technology, to monitor state entity execution of information technology projects and at times agreed upon by the three chief information technology officers shall report progress in project execution and the status and changes to the project financial plan.

4.3 K.S.A. 75-7211 directs heads of entities to consult with the Joint Committee on Information Technology before approving any increase above the authorized total cost of a project that exceeds the lesser of $1,000,000 or 10% of the currently authorized cost. The Joint Committee on Information Technology will report all such changes and overruns to the senate ways and means and the house appropriations committees.


5.1 Cumulative cost means the total expenditures, from all sources, for any information technology project by one or more state entities to meet project objectives from project start to project completion or the date and time the project is terminated if it is not completed.

5.2 Information technology project means a project for a major computer, telecommunications or other information technology improvement with an estimated cumulative cost of $250,000 or more and includes any such project that has proposed expenditures for: (1) new or replacement equipment or software; (2) upgrade improvements to existing equipment and any computer systems, programs or software upgrades therefore; or (3) data or consulting or other professional services for such a project.

5.3 ITEC - Refers to the Information Technology Executive Council, duties defined in K. S. A. 1998 Supp. 75-7202, 75-7203.

5.4 CITO – Refers to the Executive, Legislative or Judicial Branch Chief Information Technology Officer, duties defined in K. S. A. 1998 Supp. 75-7205, 751-7206, 75-7207.

5.5 Project change or overrun means any of the following: (1) Any change in planned expenditures for an information technology project that would result in the total authorized cost of the project being increased above the currently authorized cost of such project by more than either $1,000,000 or 10% of such currently authorized cost of such project, whichever is lower; (2) any change in the scope of an information technology project, as such scope was presented to and reviewed by the joint committee or the chief information technology officer to whom the project was submitted pursuant to KSA 79-7209 and amendments thereto; or (3) any change in the proposed use of any new or replacement information technology equipment or in the use of any existing information technology equipment that has been significantly upgraded.

5.6 Project change request means any agreement between the entity and a contractor that will result in a change to the currently authorized cost of the project.


6.1 The project status reporting procedures defined in this policy supersede the previous project status reporting procedures as defined in ITEC Policy # 2400. The revised procedures apply to all new projects and all current projects for which the required information is available.

6.2 To facilitate the evaluation of progress on information technology and telecommunications projects, entities will submit project status reports to the Chief Information Technology Officer of their branch, on a regular basis, at a frequency that is determined by the Chief Information Technology Officer.


7.1 All project progress reports are due in the office of the Chief Information Technology Officer by the 10th of the month following the end of the reporting period. The Chief Information Technology Officer may require more frequent reporting for high risk projects.

7.2 A project status report must be submitted each reporting period for each project with a total cost of $250,000 or more that has an information technology component. Information technology covers computer and communications systems and associated software, business and services systems software used internally or externally, office systems and network services, Internet/intranet based systems providing information, services, or electronic commerce services internal to state government or externally to other governments or the public. A copy of each project status report will be submitted to Legislative Research, marked for the attention of the Joint Committee on Information Technology.

7.3 Project status reports will include the information content and the formats where specified, shown in the attachments.

The Joint Committee on Information Technology may require entities to make presentations on their Information Technology Projects. The attachment defines the policy governing presentations before the joint committee on Information Technology for the purpose of reviewing the status of active information technology projects. That policy defines the circumstances under which presentations will be required and details the content of such presentations.


8.1 Heads of entities are responsible for establishing procedures for their organization's compliance with the requirements of this policy.

8.2 The Chief Information Technology Officer, Executive Branch, is responsible for the maintenance of this policy.

9.0 CANCELLATION: Previous revisions.


Attachment 1 - State Entity Checklist for Quarterly Project Status Reporting

Attachment 2 - Quarterly Project Status Report Letter of Transmittal

Attachment 3 - Estimated Cost at Completion - ITEC Form PM 02-08

Attachment 4 - Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Attachment 5 - Work Product Identification (WPI) - ITEC Form PM 02-06

Attachment 6 - Risk Assessment Summary - ITEC Form PM 02-11a

Attachment 7 - Top Five Issues - ITEC Form PM 02-14

Attachment 8 - Change Management - ITEC Form PM 09

Entities will include in the quarterly project report, a copy of any project change request that has been approved by the entity during the reporting period, if that change request will result in a change to the currently authorized cost of the project. Each project change request should be accompanied by an analysis of impact on the project's schedule and resources.

See the Enterprise Project Management Office website for IT Project Reporting for more information.

Attachment 9 - Joint Committee on Information Technology - Review of Active Projects