ITEC Policy 4000 - Kansas Technical Architecture Review Board Charter

1.0 TITLE: Kansas Technical Architecture Review Board Charter

1.1 EFFECTIVE DATE: October 19, 1999

Revised: October 26, 2006

1.2 TYPE OF ACTION: Update

2.0 PURPOSE: To establish the Kansas Technical Architecture Review Board (KTARB) to advise the Chief Information Technology Architect (CITA).

3.0 ORGANIZATIONS AFFECTED: All branches, boards, commissions, divisions, departments and agencies of the state, hereafter referred to as Entities.


4.1 K.S.A. 1998 Supp. 75-7203 authorizes the ITEC to: Adopt information resource policies and procedures and provide direction and coordination for the application of the state's information technology resources for all state entities.

4.2 K.S.A. 1998 Supp. 75-7204 establishes the position of Chief Information Technology Architect and defines its duties and responsibilities.

5.0 DEFINITIONS: The following definitions are applied throughout this policy and procedure memorandum.

5.1 Information Technology is an inclusive term to address the services and functions commonly associated with information systems and telecommunications.

5.2 Kansas Information Technology Architecture (KITA) describes the current information systems infrastructure that supports the applicationsused by the State. Its purpose is to guide the development of the information systems infrastructure and establish consistency across the state.

5.3 CITO - Chief Information Technology Officer, duties defined in K.S.A. 1998 Supp. 75-7205, 75-7206, and 75-7207.

5.4 ITEC - Information Technology Executive Council, duties defined in K.S.A. 1998 Supp. 75-7203.

5.5 ITAB - Information Technology Advisory Board, technical resource support group to the Executive Branch Chief Information Technology Officer.

6.0 POLICY: The Kansas Technical Architecture Review Board shall:

6.1 Address information technology architecture issues and provide policy, standards, guidelines, or procedural recommendations to the CITA and the ITEC;

6.2 Initiate and recommend KITA standards and targets for the KITA;

6.3 Review proposed programs and projects referred by the CITA and make recommendations regarding their compliance with KITA standards;

6.4 Contribute to and support the KITA through review and revision as necessary;

6.5 Promote coordination and cooperation among state organizations to achieve effective utilization of the KITA, and;

6.6 Address other information technology architecture issues at the request of the CITA and the ITEC, and make recommendations thereon.


7.1 The Chief Information Technology Officers of the three branches of government shall appoint the members of the Kansas Technical Architecture Review Board (KTARB). The board shall be composed of at least one representative from the executive branch, legislative branch, judicial branch, and regents' institution. The membership of ITAB will be asked to populate the additional seats on the board. Additional local, state, federal, and private sector members may participate as deemed appropriate by the KTARB.

7.2 The Chief Information Technology Architect (CITA) will recomend candidates to KTARB to the three CITOs. The CITA will provide a matrix showing the current membership, branch representation and skill/knoowledge base representation to the three CITOs for approval, with the recommendation.

7.3 The CITA shall establish the board and convene meetings as required to address information technology architecture related issues facing state government. The CITA shall serve as Chairperson of the Board and provide staff support to the Board.

7.4 The Board shall organize and direct KITA Advisory Sub-Committees to address specific information technology architecture issues as required. KTARB members shall contribute personnel to support the activities of these sub-committees.

7.5 At the direction of the CITA, the Board shall elect any officers from among its members that are deemed necessary to discharge its duties.


8.1 Heads of entities will establish procedures for their organization's compliance with the requirements of this policy.

8.2 The CITA shall establish the board and convene meetings as required to address information technology architecture related issues facing state government.

8.3 Each member of the KTARB shall carry out and support the duties and responsibilities of Board members as intended by this charter.

8.4 The Chief Information Technology Officer, Executive Branch, is responsible for the maintenance of this policy.

9.0 CANCELLATION: Replaces ITEC Policy #4000 titled, "Kansas Technical Architecture Review Board Charter."