IT Statutes and Executive Orders


K.S.A.75-7201 Definitions; As used in K.S.A. 1998 Supp. 75-7201 through 75-7212.

K.S.A.75-7202 Information Technology Executive Council; membership and organization.

K.S.A.75-7203 Information Technology Executive Council; powers and duties.

K.S.A.75-7204 Chief Information Technology Architect.

K.S.A.75-7205 Executive Chief Information Technology Officer.

K.S.A.75-7206 Judicial Chief Information Technology Officer.

K.S.A.75-7207 Legislative Chief Information Technology Officer.

K.S.A.75-7208 Same; powers and duties.

K.S.A.75-7209 Information Technology Projects; procedures.

K.S.A.75-7210 Same; reports to Legislative Branch.

K.S.A.75-7211 Same; legislative oversight.

K.S.A.75-7212 Abolition of KIRC and CIA; transfers.

K.S.A.-75-7236-75-243 The Kansas Cybersecurity Act.

K.S.A.46-2101 Establishment of Joint Committee.

K.S.A.46-2102 Same; powers and duties; annual report.

K.S.A.75-2935 Classified and unclassified services. [See Revisor's Note]

K.S.A.75-4703 Rules and regulations concerning rates and charges; priorities for services, standards for data submission and security.

K.S.A.75-4707 Contracts for information processing equipment.

K.S.A.75-4709 Telecommunications services of certain state agencies; extension to certain private, nonprofit agencies or governmental entities; records of services.

K.S.A.75-5147 Automated tax system; acquisition, negotiated contract; payment, fee based on collections authorized; reports of collections to legislative committees.

Executive Orders

2011-46 - Directing all Information Technology personnel in the Executive Branch to report directly to the Executive Chief Information Technology Officer so that they may be managed in a more cost-effective manner.