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Kansas Cybersecurity Task Force

Created by Governor Laura Kelly in July 2021, the bipartisan Kansas Cybersecurity Task Force is charged with developing a comprehensive plan to address potential cybercrime, and protect essential services that Kansans and businesses depend on.

The Task Force’s specific duties are as follows:

  • Facilitate cross-industry and cross-government collaboration to share best practices and mitigate cybersecurity risks related to critical infrastructure and protected systems;
  • Identify opportunities to improve the overall cyber security posture across all levels of government within Kansas;
  • Identify partnerships and avenues to maximize and leverage existing cybersecurity resources within the state;
  • Develop a framework for coordinated information sharing, response, simulation, testing, and mutual assistance between the government and private sectors;
  • Develop a coordinated and collaborative State of Kansas Cyber Response Plan;
  • Recommend appropriate and cost-effective safeguards to reduce, eliminate, or recover from identified threats to data;
  • Recommend resources and possible methods to accomplish the recommendations identified above.

A comprehensive report and recommendations are due to the Governor by December 5, 2021.


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Task Force Members

  • State Chief Information Technology Officer or designee (ex-officio): Secretary Dr. DeAngela Burns-Wallace
  • State Chief Information Security Officer or designee (ex-officio): Jeff Maxon, Topeka
  • The Adjutant General of the Kansas National Guard or designee (ex-officio): Col. David Hewlett, Wichita
  • The Attorney General or designee (ex-officio): Jay Emler, Lindsborg
  • The Secretary of State or designee (ex-officio): Kevin Comstock, Topeka
  • Representative from the Kansas Department of Emergency Management: Jonathan York, Topeka
  • Director of the Kansas Criminal Justice Information System Committee (ex-officio): David Marshall, Topeka
  • Director of the Kansas Intelligence Fusion Center (ex-officio): William (Bill) Glynn, Topeka
  • Representative from municipal government: Mike Mayta, Wichita
  • Representative from the regent institutions: John Godfrey, Shawnee
  • Representative from critical infrastructure: Charles King, Overland Park
  • Representative from critical infrastructure: John Berghuis, Salina
  • Representative from the Joint Committee on Information Technology: Repesentative Kyle Hoffman, Coldwater
  • Representative from the Joint Committee on Information Technology: Senator Jeff Pittman, Leavenworth
  • Representative of county governments: Doug Peters, (Garden City, Finney County)


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