Statewide Cyber Collaboration & Preparedness

KISO now includes the Statewide Cyber Collaboration & Preparedness (SCCP) program.

Cyber Collaboration & Preparedness program:
  • Assists with Technology/Cyber Resiliency Planning.
  • Assist sin planning and delivery of Tabletop Exercises.
  • Provides Training and Exercises resources. 
  •  Serves as State Administrative Authority for the DHS Cybersecurity Grant Program
  •  Plans and facilitates opportunities for statewide collaboration.
  • Participates in the State Emergency Operations Center as part of ESF #2
  • Assists in coordinating statewide emergency cyber/technology responses.

Upcoming Trainings and Events


    Kansas Cyber Summit  (Wichita)




    KISO SCCP Training Resources

    KISO SCCP Support Resources

    KISO SCCP State of Kansas Resources

    KISO SCCP Reporting Resources

    KISO SCCP General Resources