Cyber Safety for Educators



This page is dedicated to all the teachers in the state of Kansas.  Teachers have a huge impact on the daily lives of children and they can help keep Kansas Cyber Security Strong.  This page has the resources for you to highlight ways for our Kansas kids to be cyber secure. 

There is a brief explanation for each link, and depending on what you want to do with your classroom of kids, there are resources here for you, from showing a simple video to passing out information or web site information for your class to explore.  Check out the CyberKids site for more resources!

OnGuard Online – a great one place stop for Cyber Security

NetSmartz – NetSmartz has online games, videos, and contests for younger children. C-SAVE – Information on how to teach online safety.

Stop.Think.Connect.  This is the National Campaign for Cyber Security Awareness.

Spread the Word – More information on what information to share about cyber security.

Grades 9-12 Student Tip Card – Information to a more targeted age group about cyber security.