Cyber Safety for Senior Citizens

elderly on computer


This site is dedicated to those Kansans who have seen a life full of changes when it comes to technology. Computers being in every household didn't seem possible at one time; now it is not uncommon for everyone in the household to have their own computing device. 

For those of us who are not as familiar with technology – this site is for you. Take a look at the resources from the Department of Homeland Security and OnGuard Online. All great tips for people of every age.

Cyber Security for Older Americans – this publication will explain Cyber Security and some general things to think about when utilizing the Internet.

Ultimate Internet Safety Guide for Seniors

More Cyber Security Tips – resources to rely upon and some simple tips to be safe and secure when using technology.

Connecting Generations – this unique publication shows how grandparents can connect to their grandchildren through technology.

Avoid scams and protect your identity!  This site covers the most common scams on the Internet, how to protect your computer, and what to watch for when utilizing technology.