Proposed Information Technology Project Plans

In accordance with ITEC IT Policy 2400 and 2510, all projects with significant business risk, as determined by the Kansas IT Business Risk Assessment, require the agency to develop an Information Technology Project Plan (ITPP) which must be approved by the Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO) for the sponsoring agency's branch of state government.


The KITO Approval and Reporting System (KARS) is the online system used to submit project plan information for evaluation by KITO and approval by the branch CITO.

In KARS, a project plan submitted for initial branch CITO approval is termed a demand and includes high-level information about the proposed initiative. Subsequently, while being prepared for the second branch CITO approval and thereafter, it is designated in the system as a project and includes much more detailed information.

This system collects the required information and makes it available for review by the designated parties at the appropriate phases of the process. Per ITEC-2400-P, two separate branch CITO approvals must take place:

  1. Prior to procurement – referred to as branch CITO approval to procure.
  2. Prior to execution – referred to as branch CITO approval to execute.

Information about KARS is provided in the KARS Help Center.


As noted above, IT project plan information is submitted for approval, first as a demand and then again later as a project, online through KARS. Additional forms that are or may be required for attachment in KARS are provided here.

For very large-scale projects

For all projects



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