Accessibility Management Platform (AMP)


The AMP Product Support site is the product's main support portal, and includes a Welcome, a User Orientation, and other articles for new users.

Testing Content with AMP and AMP Testing document how to perform testing with AMP. There are multiple methods of testing available, each with its own interface. The web interface includes the capability to create a test, for spidering a public-facing site from a single starting point, and to create a report, which affords finer control over the selection of pages to be included. The Access Assistant browser extensions are available for testing applications, etc., where user interaction is required, as well as intranet, firewalled, or pre-production content, etc

For testing PDF documents, see PDF Testing in AMP.

Units of testing—typically web pages—are called modules in the AMP interface and documentation. The specific accessibility requirements that are validated by AMP are referred to as best practices. The best practices checked by AMP map directly to the criteria specified in the State of Kansas Information and Communication Technology Accessibility Standards (ITEC Policy 1210).

AMP's interactive interface provides many useful ways to view the testing results provided in a report. These are explained in Simplified AMP Reporting and  AMP Report Navigation (Advanced View), with more information available under AMP Reporting.

Perform Manual Testing with Access Assistant documents how to use AMP to assist with manual testing.

Training and additional resources are also available.

For questions, please contact:

Cole Robison
Director of IT Accessibility
Office of Information Technology Services