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Kansas Information Security Office

Welcome to the State of Kansas Information Security Office resource site.  This site was developed to provide references on security related topics for state employees, vendors, contractors, citizens and consumers of Kansas Information Resources. 

Over the years technology has been woven into the very fabric of everyday life and while this has made us more efficient and more responsive, it has also introduced dependencies that are inherently vulnerable.  Whether criminal or just an “oops”, the resources we rely upon everyday to serve the public are constantly tested. 



We are excited to announce the Inaugural Kansas Cyber Summit!

This summit will bring public sector and critical infrastructure resources together to begin building a strong Kansas cyber community. The event will be focused on laying the foundation for building a whole of state approach to address an ever growing challenge. Sessions will be interactive and allow for a great deal of collaboration amongst attendees and presenters. Sessions will be focused on several key topics that impact a majority of organizations. We will also discuss the historic funding opportunities such as ARPA, IIJA, and the DHS state and local cybersecurity grant program and how we can maximize these opportunities to advance cybersecurity across Kansas.

Who:    This event is open to employees, both technology and business, and elected officials of cities,
             counties, school districts, higher education institutions, state agencies, federal partners, and DHS
             designated critical infrastructure partners.
Date:    October 25, 2022
Time:    9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Where: Heartland Preparedness Center  
             2808 N New York
             Wichita, KS 67214

Homeland Security Grant Funds are being used to put on this event and there is no cost to register.

Click HERE to find out more about the summit.

Registration is now closed.


Cybersecurity Primer for Local Governments




Check under the Resources Menu for information regarding Pandemic response, working from home and other security issues related to Covid-19 response.